Getting Started

A quick overview of the tools and services available for developers on our platform. To get you started quickly, a short summary of core concepts is provided to point you in the right direction.


Disruptive Technologies (DT) aims to make the process of gathering large quantities of data as simple as possible. Our wireless sensors send new events to a Cloud Connector that propagates them to our cloud, where you can access the data using either DT Studio or our various APIs. As the sensors securely communicate with all available Cloud Connectors within range, no setup or pairing is required.

Head over to the Devices page to get an overview of the wide selection of devices we offer.

Sensor Emulator

If you do not have access to physical devices yet, our Sensor Emulator API lets you create and interact with emulated devices that behave just like real ones. This can be a valuable tool for prototyping, debugging, or simply for exploring our various services.

Head over to the Sensor Emulator page to get started.

Two Integration Paths

There are two paths to integrate with our platform. Data Connectors pushes events directly to your Cloud Service, and the REST API lets you control everything programmatically.

Data Connectors

A simple yet reliable method of forwarding your data into an external service. They work like webhooks by sending device events as HTTPS POST requests, with additional features for security and reliability that make them perfect for the following integrations.

  • Long-term storage in your own database.

  • Data science applications that require a constant stream of data.

  • Triggering alarms from data events.

Read the Introduction to Data Connectors to get started.


Our REST API can be used to interact with our service programmatically. For instance, DT Studio, our easy-to-use device management web app, is itself entirely built upon the REST API. Therefore, everything you can do in DT Studio, from moving devices between projects and managing Service Accounts, can also be done via our REST API.

Read the Introduction to REST API to get started.

Service Accounts

All programmatic interaction with our APIs is done via a logged-in Service Account. Once a client is authenticated, the program interacting with the API can perform operations within the role access level granted to the Service Account.

Read the Introduction to Service Accounts to get started.

Application Notes

Our sensors are designed to let you gather data from almost any environment, which opens the door for many great use-cases. While DT does not currently deliver end-user solutions for data science applications, our internal developers have written a few application notes where some are explored, implemented, and discussed.

Head over to the Application Notes page to read about some of the ideas we have for using our sensors.

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