Creating a Service Account

A quick guide on how to create a Service Account using DT Studio or our REST API.


We will here create a new a new Service Account using either DT Studio or our REST API. Once created, the Service Account is granted membership in the project and provided it a role. Then, a new Key Pair is generated as credentials for interacting with the REST API.


  • Service Account Creating, deleting, and interacting with Service Accounts require that your User or existing Service Account has been granted the role of Project Administrator or higher.

New Service Account

The project our new Service Account is created in becomes the owning project. However, this does not provide rights in said project, which must be explicitly granted after creation.

In DT Studio, navigate to your Project. In the left menu, locate Service Accounts and press Create new Service Account. Give it a name and click Add.

New Project Membership

Your new Service Account is now active but does not have permissions in any projects. We will now give it membership in the project, including a role and other configurations.

Click on your new Service Account. This will take you to the configuration page, where the following details are presented. Edit as desired.

  • Service Account Email An automatically generated email is used for both authentication and access rights management in other projects and organizations. This can not be edited.

  • Role in the current project Controls which permissions are granted in the current project. You can find a list of all permissions per role on our Managing Access Rights page.

  • Enable Basic Auth The simplest method for authenticating the REST API. While we recommend using an OAuth2 flow, Basic Auth can be handy for quick prototyping and single calls.

Generating Keys

The last step is to create a key. Remember that while the generated Key ID will always be listed under your Service Account, the secret will be shown only once, so make sure to write it down.

On your Service Account configuration page, click Create New next to Active Keys. The pop-up dialog contains the newly created Key ID and secret.

Using Your Service Account

The Service Account creation is now complete, and you may use it as desired.

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