Introduction to Service Accounts

A general overview of what Service Accounts are and why we use them.


All programmatic interaction with the Disruptive Technologies API is done via a logged-in Service Account. Once a client has been authenticated, the program interacting with the API will be able to perform operations that are within the role access level granted to the Service Account.

Service and User Accounts

There are two types of accounts available when interacting with DT Cloud, user and Service Account. A user account represents a person and is used for logging in to DT Studio. On the other hand, a Service Account represents a program and is used for machine-to-machine interaction.

Both types of accounts can be a member of one or more project and organization with a specific role. The role they have determines which actions they have permission to perform within the project or organization.

While a user account use an email and password to log in to the browser, a Service Account authenticates itself using a key-secret pair that can be rotated when necessary.

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